Illustration by Susan Estelle Kwas



This is the story of nine seniors,
mostly in their eighties,
living together under one roof.
An Octogenarian Partridge family of sorts,
sharing the ups and downs of cooperative
living in their twilight years.
Come meet the residents of Lola Court.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lyla You Shameless Hussy

Miss Lyla doing her "DB".

Miss Lyla was one of our first residents. She moved to Lola Court in 2003 shortly after her husband passed. The day she moved in she walked through the front door like she was walking into the Ritz Carlton. Her nose was so far in the air her neck waddle all but disappeared. Miss Lyla is a pistol. She will be 90 years old in July. No one messes with her. She quickly chose a chair in the living room and declared it hers. Anyone who dares to sit in Lyla's chair will suffer the wrath of Lyla. Her old green recliner is her throne. She rules the castle from her throne. Lyla dislikes any woman that moves into Lola Court and falls in love with any man that moves in. Actually she falls in love with any man that walks through the door. She is a shameless hussy. She has a favorite pink tee shirt that reads, "I can't be good all the time" in silver glittery letters. She rides the bus to the senior lounge every Friday. A band called the Leftovers play on Fridays. She is in love with the guitar player, and the base player, and the bus driver. She was banned from dancing because she insisted on doing the dirty boogie. (her words, not mine) In fact she tells everyone she meets that she loves to "dirty boogie". Lyla once told me not to worry because she wouldn't steal my husband from me. She was serious. In her mind she will always be thirty. I want to be like Lyla when I grow up.


  1. I don't think I do want to be like Lyla when I grow up. Come to think of, it, it doesn't even matter because, as MY t-shirt says "I am never growing up"! So there! (Sticks out tongue so as to prove her point.)

  2. Who else lives with Lyla? Do you have to do bed checks at night? I want photos! Do you cook more than mashed potatoes? Do you want my recipe for grits cakes? Ya'll must live in Florida to have that many octogenarians in one place! I'm adding you to my favorites so I can stay tuned to the soap opera!


  3. Stay tuned and I will introduce you to Lyla's roommates. No, we don't do bed checks, we don't live there. Who the hell knows what goes on at night there. I'm almost afraid to know. You would not believe the amount of food these folks eat. If I cook it, they eat it. I am a pretty darned good cook though. Grit cakes? I have an Arkie and an Okie so yes, I think grit cakes would be a hit. And finally, no, we are not in Florida, we are in the Sierra foothills of California. Thanks Heidi and CitB for stopping by. Come back soon for the next installment.